Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tubby Revisited - VFX.v

Major market selloff means less than nothing to a Venture deal that has a float fully and completely cornered.
Unknown who it is exactly that would be throwing the baby's college fund at this horrid example of what's horribly wrong with the dopey Venture.

Meanwhile Tubby lassoed a CFO somehow. "Virtutone Networks Inc. has appointed Sergio Valacco as the new chief financial officer. "We welcome Sergio to the Virtutone team. His knowledge and experience is just what we were looking for to assist the company now and long term," said Jason Allen, president and chief executive officer.
No mention made of what manner of bean counter exactly butt, really, who cares?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tubby reported a fly in February's ointment. "Virtutone generated revenues of approximately $7.7-million for the month of February, down from the previous month as the company focused on implementing the new technology and because February is a shorter month.

"We are very excited that the new technology was able to produce such a significant improvement in margins, the bulk of which flow to the bottom line," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "Now we will go back to focusing on increasing revenues and profits."