Friday, February 14, 2014

TubbyWad revisited - VFX.v

There's no slowing down massive large, dopey objects that have somehow achieved momentum. On February 3 the faithful got the regular dose of horsechit. "Virtutone Networks Inc. has generated over $9.2-million in revenue for the month of January.

"[Nine million two hundred thousand dollars] in revenue for the month of January is a great way to finish off our fiscal year," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of virtutone. "With the financing we just closed off, we are set for a record-breaking month in February."
In spite of all of the traction, momentum, and acceleration just 3 days later the recently installed CFO of a week had seen enough ... "NETWORKS INC. ANNOUNCES EXECUTIVE CHANGES

Brent Johnston, who was recently appointed as a chief financial officer of Virtutone Networks Inc., has resigned for personal reasons. Colin Campbell, formerly the chief financial officer of the company, remains with the company and will assist management of the company while it searches for a new chief financial officer. In addition, the company and Louis Acevedo have agreed to terminate Mr. Acevedo's consulting arrangement with the company, and Mr. Acevedo has resigned from his position as vice-president, carrier operations."
This dopeshow best realize a CA will never sign off on this complete rubbish unless he/she cares about that designation not at all. The Venture solution is a bent CGA, which are in copious supply.

Having the rats jump ship at this stage points out EXACTLY what this deal is all about.