Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Treasure of San Gennaro

The Treasure of San Gennaro contains a selection of the most important works donated to Saint Januarius by over 700 years of Popes, Emperors, and European Kings. The works have the highest artistic value: they were made using a enormous amount of precious stones, by the most eminent goldsmiths of the time.

The exhibition is being held in Palazzo Sciarra, a 17th-Century building overlooking tourist street via del Corso in Rome.
Januarius was Bishop of Naples, and is a martyr saint of the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Januarius is the patron saint of Naples, where the faithful gather three times a year in Naples Cathedral. Saint Januarius is famous for the miracle of the annual liquefaction of his blood, which, according to legend, was saved by a woman just after the saint's death.
The exhibition pivots on two major masterpieces of the treasure, the Collana di san Gennaro (Saint Januarius’ necklace) and the famous Mitra (Mitre) made of silver and precious stones.

A total of 90 pieces were selected from the 22,000 pieces that make up the entire collection.