Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SEC lowers the boom on Briner - Finally

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed stop order proceedings against 20 purported mining companies for including false information in their registration statements. The SEC claims the companies each failed to disclose that they were controlled by John Briner, a Vancouver lawyer. Mr. Briner was the subject of previous fraud charges from the SEC and in 2010 received a five-year ban from practising as a lawyer before the SEC.

The proceedings are contained in 20 separate administrative orders the SEC filed on Monday, Feb. 3. In each of the orders, the SEC claims that the companies filed registration statements (mostly in 2013) in which they falsely claimed that their management consisted of one person. (The person varied by company. One said its sole officer was a transit operator from Alberta, while another listed a business consultant from Ontario.) The companies did not mention Mr. Briner, who the SEC says was an undisclosed control person.


Further kudos for the SEC as they clean up ANOTHER career scuzzy bag that operates in the clear open under fully dopey BCSC nose. Wet noodle for said BCSC retards for blowing money on ADVERTISING ... when its obvious to a toadstool those fukkrs don't "do" anything to regulate securities notwithstanding a mountain of unresolved public complaints already.



"Law society spokesperson Lesley Pritchard says the LSBC has started an investigation into Briner because of the SEC ruling. “We are working hard to conclude that investigation,” she states in an e-mail. " http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/legalfeeds/85/vancouver-john-briner-lawyer-buys-palkowski-practice.html

Mr. John D. Briner, Esq. serves as Chief Executive Officer of Global Developments Inc. Mr. Briner has been an Associate at JDB Law Corp. since January 2004. He practices securities law in Vancouver through his law firm John D. Briner Law Corporation. He has represented numerous clients in a variety of industries, and has represented several e-commerce and technology companies listed on both Canadian and US stock exchanges. He served as Head of Legal Division at Briner Group, Inc. He founded LED Power Group Inc. (Formerly Drayton Harbor Resources Inc.) and served as its Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer. He served as President of Flomo Resources Inc. from June 8, 2006 to May 23, 2007.

He served as President of LED Power Group, Inc. until May 23, 2007 and also served as its Secretary and Treasurer. He served as General Counsel of Window Rock Capital Holdings, Inc. He served as President of Global Developments Inc. He worked as an associate at Devlin Jensen, of Vancouver, British Columbia from August 2003 to January 2004, where his practice focused on securities, corporate finance and cross-jurisdictional transactions. He has also been very active politically and has held various executive positions in the Federal Liberal Party of Canada.

Mr. Briner serves as a Director of Global Developments Inc. Mr. Briner served as a Director of Maisonette International Enterprises Ltd. He served as Director of LED Power Group, Inc. from June 8, 2006 to August 10, 2007. He served as a Director of Index Oil & Gas, Inc. until February 7, 2006. He served as a Director of Autobahn International Inc. (Formerly Caffe Diva Group Ltd.) and Dawson Gold Corp. He served as Director of Flomo Resources Inc. from June 8, 2006 to August 10, 2007. He served as Member of Advisory Board of Falcon Energy, Inc. Mr. Briner sits on the Liberal Party Federal Appeals Board.

He has promoted liberal economic theory throughout his professional career, as a delegate to the Democracy and Development conference in Rome, as well as through various speaking engagements throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He has been active in the community and has sat on the Finance Committee of the Vancouver Board of Trade and the Corporate Advisory Council of Vancouver Opera, as well as various positions with the Vancouver Art Gallery and Contemporary Art Gallery. He founded a legal ethics fraternity at the University of British Columbia law school which is still active in its recruitment and promotion of legal ethics. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences around the world, and has recently presented lectures in Taipei, Helsinki, and Rome on securities and technology. He received his initial training in litigation at Murphy Battista from June 1999 to August 2003. Mr. Briner graduated from the University of British Columbia with degrees in Music and Germanic Studies. Mr. Briner obtained a Bachelor of Law Degree in 2002 from the University of British Columbia.