Monday, February 3, 2014

Paul Levy, the Web Bully’s Worst Enemy - Kleargear

“The greatest threat to free expression in America is no longer the government,” says Marc Randazza, an online-free-speech defense lawyer. “It’s corporations and wealthy plaintiffs using the courts to intimidate ordinary people who just want to speak honestly on the internet.”

With enormous eyeglasses and frazzled hair, Paul Levy looks more like an absent-minded professor than a brass-knuckled litigator. He’s known to arrive at work in shorts, dark socks, and sandals.
Levy doesn’t deny that legitimate examples of libel and slander exist online. The cases he takes on, he explains, tend to revolve around bullying.

It’s a distinction Levy knows from personal experience. “I learned to stand up for myself,” he says. “I’m glad to help other people stand up for themselves.”

Meanwhile, Levy has turned his attention to the latest front in his war against online censorship. This past December, Levy filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a Utah couple whose online criticism harmed their credit rating. Jennifer Kulas’s review of on a consumer website noted that the retailer failed to deliver the desk toy and key-chain her husband had purchased.