Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Debt Collector admits Kleargear "debt was erroneous" - UPDATE

The collector in this case operates the following website ...

Does this not appear another fraudulent website in the vein of Kleargear? This intrepid reporter type smells that well known stench of wicked crooked basterds here. Film at 11:00 and stay tuned.

24 public complaints over 3 years with the response in each case "The consumer contacting you may contact Fidelity Information Corporation directly at PO Box 49938"
Not only did KlearGear turn around and smack him with a $3,500 fee for violating its “non-disparagement clause” — which didn’t even exist when the man’s wife took to the Internet and criticized the company.
Regardless of that and the fact that such a thing is probably unenforceable, it reported the non-payment of that debt to credit agencies, effectively mucking up his credit pretty bad and keeping him and his wife from paying their bills and getting important loans.

Public Citizen filed a lawsuit against KlearGear back in December on behalf of the couple, and now the collection agency involved has agreed that the so-called “debt” wasn’t actually a real debt.

That lawsuit named debt collector Fidelity Information Corp., which now says it’s done an independent review of the case and reported back to credit agencies that the debt was erroneous. That means KlearGear is off the man’s credit report, finally, after 18 months.

The couple has voluntarily dismissed Fidelity from the lawsuit as a result, but KlearGear is still on the hook in the legal battle. So far the company has yet to respond to the complaint.

So what kind of enterprise is Fidelity Information Corp? Not a very damn good one according to the BBB ...

Fidelity Information Corporation

Find a Location(800) 501-8085View Additional Phone NumbersP.O. Box 49938, Los AngelesCA 90049-0938 robbie@gofic.comhttp://www.gofic.comView Additional Web Addresses

10 complaints filed against business
Failure to respond to 8 complaints filed against business.

Lets just call it out plain again shall we? The collector is a very well proven PoS, collecting for other crooked basterds. OF COURSE nothing whatever would have changed had the chit not hit the fan with extra vigour. If it were my call I would continue suing the wicked SoB collector as well.

Frankly this monkey is beginning to suspect a bigger stench in this Denmark. What if this fukkin scambo collector has a connection to the gruesome twosome? That would be conspiracy to defraud the public in sickening spades.