Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where is William Franklin Bermender? - Kleargear

William Franklin Bermender
It has been ultra quiet on the Kleargear Eastern Front with legal deadlines probably come and gone. Its likely our infamous gruesome twosome have ignored the paperwork entirely.

Far more plausible than not because of the EXACT legal ownership of "Kleargear". Since half of the people allegedly involved are fraudulent identities it will take time to "follow the money" and nail the dope personally who is cashing the cheques. (Say "Hi" Mr. Bermender) That job is far more suitable for law enforcement, which in this humble opinion should have been involved months ago.

Stephen L. Gutman
Yup. The gruesome twosome enjoy the best legal representation that can run away like the scared chitless crooked turds that they are. Come On Mr. Gutman. You can dish it out but not answer to the court for your contempt for the rule of law now?
Here's some of Mr. Gutman's work when he isn't running away as fast as possible. This was filed as a response to a complaint to the BBB.

"Unless we receive the $50.00 dispute fee back from this customer, our business will lose $50.00 that this customer caused us because they violated the legally binding terms of sale that they agreed to. The terms are clear and conspicuous before a customer places their order, and every customer is required to check-mark a box that certifies that they read, understood, and agree to the contract terms before they are able to place their order. If they do not, then they can choose to do business with another merchant whose policies may be different".