Monday, January 6, 2014

Frank Basa management for aretards - GBB.v

Latest from our anti-heroes at Gold Bullion Development Corp. - GBB.v

"Gold Bullion Development Corp. has tracked Stockhouse poster "Musky13" to Quebec Internet service provider Videotron SENC. The company says he posted defamatory material from a Videotron connection, including a forum message that called the company's president a "pig." An IP address the company obtained from Stockhouse led to Videotron, and Gold Bullion is seeking an order in the Supreme Court of British Columbia that will force Videotron to identify the poster.

The company claims that Musky13 authored a series of defamatory posts that appeared between December, 2012, and February, 2013. According to Gold Bullion, the posts implied that the company was being manipulated and that its president, Frank Basa, was overpaid, among other things. The posts were false and malicious, Gold Bullion says.

Loyal readers know well exactly how long the list of hard done by Venture chitbags crying to the high court on the stakeholder dime is. Hmmm. GBB.v is a whopping $ .035. Anybody else see the connection?

(Pffft stupid Venture arseholes that have never "worked" in decades.)


Latest and greatest wicked hard done by Venture exchange doggie stung by the unkind words of the unappreciative public is Mr. Frank Basa.
"Gold Bullion Development Corp. has won court orders compelling Stockhouse Publishing to help identify three forum users, including one who said the company was being manipulated and another who called the company's chairman, Frank Basa, a "pig." The company complained that the messages were defamatory, and said that it had no way to identify the users. A judge has agreed, and in an order handed down in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on Thursday, April 18, has instructed Stockhouse to provide identifying information."
52 week low of $ .035 and does this exercise not once again relate to a wicked large Venture PoS that nobody in their right mind would touch anyways? Of course it is. Does the astute Mr. Basa not realize this conduct pretty well assures anybody with any grey material would conclude this deal is being run by utter, confirmed idiots?

Apparently not.

"Among other things, the messages implied that Gold Bullion's management was manipulating the company and that management members were "bullies," the petitions claimed."®ion=C
Yes well. Crying to the high court on the stakeholder's dime about the OBVIOUS (like so many hard done by scumbags before) sums up why this PoS paper is never going anywhere and SHAME Mr. Basa. I wouldn't put you in charge of picking up my dog's chit.