Thursday, December 19, 2013

World's most expensive necklaces

Chopard Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace - This extraordinary necklace features 191 carats of emeralds, set between 16 carats of diamonds. Price: $3 million
Titanic Heart of the Ocean Diamond - The “Heart of the Ocean” diamond necklace that Kate Winslett wears in the movie ‘Titanic’ is not a real diamond. It’s actually a blue cubic zirconium made by London jewelers Asprey & Garrad. The jewelers did later make a reproduction using real gems (including a heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire that weighs in at a whopping 170 carats). Price: $3.5 million
De Beers’ Marie Antoinette Necklace features more than 181 carats of diamonds, including a monster 8 carat, pear-shaped white diamond as a centerpiece. All of the jewels are set in platinum. $ 3.7m.
Neil Lane’s Diamond Necklace features 140 carats of pear-shaped, cushion-shaped and teardrop-shaped diamonds, all set in platinum on multiple strands. $4m.
Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby necklace features as its centerpiece a nearly 41-carat, super rare, heart-shaped Burma ruby. The brilliant stone is surrounded by more than 150 diamonds. Price: $14 million
The most expensive necklace ever made will be on sale at Singapore's JewelFest show. It is estimated to bring $55 million.

The jewelry, known as L'Incomparable, features a large yellow stone suspended from a rose gold setting with 90 white diamonds and weighs 637 carats in total.

The necklace was made by luxury jeweler Mouawad and features a yellow, internally flawless diamond weighing 407 carats with 90 white diamonds weighing nearly 230 carats. The rough stone was found in a pile of mining tailings by a young girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo.