Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cool Smithsonian Stuff

Uncut diamond crystal from Arkansas.

Liddicoatite with a zoned green and pink interior from Antsirabe, Madagascar.

Elbaite candelabra (Tourmaline family)

Beryl with Quartz - Blue beryl crystal on microcline.
Pear-cut ametrine from Brazil

Calcite with Pyrite - From Brush Creek mine, Reynolds County, Missouri. Calcite is a ubiquitous gangue mineral in Mississippi Valley type lead zinc deposits. This mine was closed in 2001 after 22 years of operation.
Octagonal-cut amethyst

A round brilliant-cut citrine.

Clinohumite is a magnesium silicate commonly found as tiny indistinct grains. However, large euhedral crystals are sought after by collectors and can be cut into beautiful gemstones.