Saturday, November 23, 2013

Jen will not be fighting alone. ... UPDATE

There has been yet ANOTHER wire release from the Chitbags at Kleargear. (November 22) Apparently its full on "business as usual" for the crew, and we all know the ONLY thing that works on the 100% fraudulent site is the order entry function.


Jen will not be fighting alone.

KUTV has been contacted by a number of lawyers and consumer groups asking to be put in touch with Jen so that they might be able to help her battle Kleargear-dot-com, including the Washington D.C. based Public Citizen Litigation Group. Wednesday, Jen said she has made an arrangement with the Public Citizen Litigation Group to represent her in court against Kleargear-dot-com.

Jen was also contacted by RipoffReport-dot-com which is offering to help her fight. Adam Kunz with RipoffReport-dot-com told KUTV Wednesday that the details of how they will assist are still being worked out, but he said he expects RipoffReport-dot-com will partner with Jen's other legal representation.

The attention brought by KUTV's original report has also gotten Kleargear-dot-com into some hot water with other organizations. The Better Business Bureau and a company called TRUSTe both confirm to KUTV that Kleargear-dot-com used their company's names and logos without having permission to do so. Both say they are currently investigating.

The Media Relations contact from the credit bureau Experian also confirmed to KUTV that they are investigating the deadbeat marks on Jen's husband's credit report.