Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Exposing Criminal Fraud - William Franklin Bermender - UPDATED II

How curious indeed that material posted elsewhere becomes subject to censorship here.

The following is an investigative piece posted on RipOff Report.

"KlearGear asserts falsely that someone accepted a contractual term, and asserts a debt based on that false statement, and reports that debt to credit agencies, that's fraud. It's not just a civil wrong, it's a crime."

William Franklin Bermender

"The many lives of William Franklin Bermender

So, what started as a basic investigation into Kleargears credentials quickly heated up when it was revealed that they recently raised $7 million yet customers had been threatened for years with retaliation when the products they ordered never arrived.

When I visited their homepage for the first time, it struck me that TRUSTe would certify a shop with such awful Terms of Service. Turns out they didn't.
•A source within TRUSTe informs me that genuine seals are clickable links leading to a certification page; this is just an image on KlearGear's page.
• KlearGear is not in TRUSTe's searchable database of certified sites.
• My source within TRUSTe confirms that has never been TRUSTe certified.

Kleargear outright lied at their homepage:

The "5-Star Merchant eTAILERratings" seal on their home page. It's not clickable. When you go to that site and search for, guess what?

They also have a fake BBB rating on their page.

I'm actually wondering, given all the misrepresentation, legally unenforceable policies (such as the $550 disputed charge fee, the bogus non-disclosure "agreement" etc.), the fact that they're not shipping promised goods, etc., if they're even a real business. I'm wondering if the business was set up primarily as a scam, not an e-tailer...

Multiple older press releases list a Will Bermender as the president of KlearGear:

"It's the coolest office toy ever made," said President and Chief Geek Will Bermender.
"Our new affiliate program is the perfect win-win situation where we can introduce our cutting edge gadgets to new audiences, while also sharing financial rewards with web site owners," said Will Bermender, President at

It got even better when one of our investigators sat down for a lunch meeting with a former employee, and not only heard, but got to see the intensity and disgust in their face when asked about Bermender and his shell company companies Klear Gear, Havaco Direct and Chenal Media. They told us Havaco Direct has used the same San Antonio address as William Bermender which they confirmed for showing us the local White Pages. Bermender after being reported on Ripoff Report then relocated to Arkansa with an address located on Chenal Valley Dr, Apt 2304 (no coincidence – Chenal Media & Chenal Brands)

In another phone interview, a warehouse manager for KlearGear said of Bermender; “It was like he was invisible, except for his pathetic penchant for name dropping”. Another sales executive stated; “Bermender was associated with tried desperately to get his new con off the ground by bilking investors out of $7 million dollars through Chenal Media.

The LinkedIn page for Will Bermender says he's in LA, so is this the same Will? Well, we do know that Chenal owns KlearGear, but is this the same as Chenal Media? Yes it is!

Will decided to use his gadget gains to break into the Hollywood biz. And all we need to do to confirm that the Chenal Brands and KlearGear/Chenal are the same is check out the name on the bottom of the press release announcing Chenal Media's funding.

Secretary of State has a listing for Havaco Direct, Inc. It filed an Application for Certificate of Authority in 2005. It states that Havaco is a DE corp and lists its Director and President as William Bermender. It forfeited its existence in 2007. Yet in 2012 William Bender is on Free Lancer hiring people under Havaco to write fake reviews for Kleargear to try and dilute his victims reports on consumer advocacy websites (see below)

Bermender sent a letter to the Texas Comptroller that is also on file with the Texas Secretary of State. The letter, dated November 2011, states, in short, that Bermender was an outside contractor for Havaco in 2005, but he was never an officer or director ("Apparently, my name erroneously appears in state records for this organization – without my knowledge or consent."). Bermender asks that the Comptroller and SOS remove his name in connection with the company.

Bermender's letterhead contains an email address with


Kleargear fines their customers $3,500 for writing real reviews, yet they pay contractors for fake reviews. I wonder how Will Bermender will try to scrub his ads on

Project Description:

This project is to write and post 10 reviews on R E S E L L E R R A T I N G S .COM.
Each review must be:
* 25-125 words on the company and/or products purchased.
* For a different order number (will be provided).
* From a different e-mail addresses. This site will send a request to verify before displaying the review.
* Posted from a different IP address.
Written in grammatically correct English with proper spelling.
The domain name for the site to be reviewed will be provided to the selected provider. The site is a general-interest e-commerce site with no mature content.

Project Description:

We need 240 email addresses to be made.
They must all be of a variation of gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail (80 each).
Each email account needs to be created on a unique IP – prefer NO USA IP/Proxy used twice!
Each account should be created in such a way so that they are not going to be banned. We are going to use them for long term. They must be virgin accounts, unused for signing up with any other services.

Questions should be e-mailed to Will Bermender, who is available between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday – Friday (Eastern Standard Time)"
Will Bermender is Chenal Media, Havaco Direct, Kleargear and many other alter egos
Will Bermender –

Will Bermender, Los Angeles, CA, US, Texas, US – Executive Chairman at Chenal Media, Board …

Will Bermender (peoplesmart) Age: 43
Harold W Bermender, age 43
AKA William Franklin Bermender, W H Bermender, Will Bermender, William W Bermender, W Bermender Has lived in San Antonio TX, Round Rock TX, Hamden CT, Philadelphia PA, Osseo MN, New Haven CT, Little Rock AR (this is where is apartment was on Chenal the name of Chenal Brands and Chenal Media), Southbury CT

Has Worked for Havaco Direct, Chenal Brands, Haniel Industries ( sold $7 million dollars in fake investments in Chenal Media) , Comcast Corporation, Havaco Direct Inc, Chanal Media, Mix Kicks, Shopscape, ShopNBC, Denmore Garments, Cendant Corporation

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