Tuesday, November 26, 2013

E-Mail from stephen.gutman@yahoo.com - Update

Of course there has been no further reply from stephen.gutman@yahoo.com

We best explain that we are ATTEMPTING to contact a 100% la de da lawyer, not just the scumbaggians hiring his fully black soul. Our semi-exhaustive due diligence tells us that Mr. Stephen L. Gutman is a real dude, one that would be just about JUMPING UP AND DOWN to rescue his very battered reputation by now.

Thats not what we have happening. As anybody that has TRIED to call these K9s can tell you, they are scurrying under the rocks as fast as they can be lifted.

Only active members are eligible to practice law in Michigan.
Stephen L. Gutman—P14480 (active and in good standing)

Gutman PLLC
PO Box 250517
Franklin, MI 48025

Phone: (248) 488-7888
Fax: (248) 809-4049
e-Mail: sgutman@gutmanpllc.com
Sections:International Law Section, Master Lawyers Section, Probate & Estate Planning Section, Taxation Section
vCard Electronic Business Card

Michigan Licensed: 07/19/1967


Stephen L. Gutman
The plot is getting thicker and deeper citizens as this monkey has received an e-mail from stephen.gutman@yahoo.com denying everything except the birth of Jesus.

"Please be advised that your emails were directed to the wrong person. I am not and never was the attorney for Clear Gear or any other entity with a similar name. I was contacted by 2 television stations and explained the same to them.

Your email threats have been reported to the local police department who advised me, if you continue, to report this matter to the FBI. I am sure they will be able to find you despite your efforts to hide your identity."
Well DAMN says we with gusto. The grotesquely offensive remarks were directed to what appeared to be a licensed lawyer's (gag) domain. Specifically, we e-mailed a wicked large, MFing PoS Coksucker at ... sgutman@gutmanpllc.com

So whats the deal?

Here is our confused reply ...

"I am not certain which e-mails you are referring to exactly. Send me a copy.
I sent my e-mails to a practicing lawyer at what appears his domain, not yahoo.
I threatened nobody and DO call the FBI, the CIA the National Guard ... and your momma.


If you are NOT a wicked fukkin scuzzy bag PoS offense excuse for a lawyer (soon to be disbared) then HELP ME track that wicked crooked MFing basterd down.

Have super duper pooper day,


p.s. Our blog numbers are outstanding."

So WTF is going on here? No clue whatever. At first blush this reply is SOUNDING distinctly lawyerly. WHY is a Yahoo address replying to something sent to "gutmanpllc.com"?

ONLY the shadow knows citizens ... stay tuned, it can only get better.