Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rapper known as 'Stitches' arrested while backing his Porsche out of a handicap space

Rapper Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis, better known as 'Stitches', was arrested for gun and drug possession after he parked in a handicapped spot. Officers spotted the rapper's Porsche pulling out of a Whole Foods parking lot in Miami. They asked if he had a gun. He said no and immediately passed the officer a hand rolled and slightly burnt joint, saying 'sorry officer'.

After searching the car, they found a Glock handgun under his seat, and two magazines of ammunition.Police also found a mason jar with 39.2 grams of marijuana
The 21-year-old is best known for his song 'Brick in yo face'. The rapper was booked for felony concealed gun and marijuana possession.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Live Nation Executive/Pervert Andrew Macrae Busted Using a Pen Camera

43 year-old Andrew Macrae used a pen camera to get shots of women’s private parts. The VP of finance & strategic initiatives for Live Nation was first spotted by an off-duty London police officer while riding the train. Macrae was also filming a neighbor and a houseguest, among other unsuspecting victims. In total, cops found a stash of approximately 49,000 images.

Macrae ultimately pled guilty to seven total counts of ‘voyeurism for the purpose of sexual gratification’.

Monday, October 16, 2017

81-year-old woman robbed by chitbag Terrence Rocks - Update II

Terrence Rocks was refused bail threes times but likely tried again after the middle of August. A publication ban was imposed meaning the disposition is unknown. The elderly woman received broken ribs and her face was black and blue after the attack. She doesn't want Rocks to get bail and wants a stiff jail sentence if convicted.
A suspect has been arrested in connection with the violent robbery of an 81-year-old woman at a bank in Aurora. Terrence Rocks, 35, of Sudbury, is facing a single count of robbery after the incident which was caught on security video.
Surveillance video showing an 81-year-old woman being shoved to the ground while being robbed inside an Aurora bank has been released by York Regional Police. The incident happened at around 7:30 p.m. on Monday at 15252 Yonge Street, near Wellington Street.
The security camera footage shows a woman withdrawing money from an automated teller machine. After the transaction was complete, a man approached the victim allegedly trying to grab the cash out of her hands. The victim resisted, resulting in the man pushing her to the ground and grabbing her money before fleeing the area on foot. As a result of the attack, the woman was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Along with the video, multiple photos of the suspect involved in the incident were released by police.

Anyone with further information is asked to call police at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7141 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Playboy's Mercedes dumped into pool by dumped girlfriend

Guy Gentile, who was busted for a Wall Street pump-and-dump scheme in 2007 but became an FBI informant to beat the charges, broke up with his Russian model girlfriend Kristina Kuchma and she responded — by driving his Mercedes into the backyard pool of his Bahamas home.

Gentile, who runs a Bahamas-based brokerage, said “She looks at me and says, I have something to tell you,” he said. “I’m pregnant.” Gentile agreed to support the child, until she abruptly changed her tune. “I’m not pregnant with a kid — I’m pregnant with an idea” She needed $ 50k and wasn't taking 'no' for an answer.

He decided then to end their year-and-a-half-long relationship. It took more than four hours to get the car out of the pool.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster used model Kijuana Nige as a "cocaine platter"

Former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster used model Kijuana Nige as a "cocaine platter," snorting blow off of all parts of her body. Days after she leaked a video of Foerster using cocaine in the Dolphins team office—which led him to quickly resign—Nige is revealing details.
"It's not just the NFL," she said. "The inequalities that come with being a minority compared with a white privileged person in America in general.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Calgary Cop Duggan 'clouded by mental health issues' ... his lawyer

A Calgary policeman who threatened to punch the new boyfriend of his former wife was clouded by mental health issues and should not face any criminal sanction, again, his lawyer said Friday. Defence counsel Don MacLeod said Sgt. Jeffrey John Duggan was suffering from a major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder when he breached probation and contacted the woman. Despite the numerous transgressions, his client should be spared, for a second time, the stigma of having a criminal record.

But the Crown said Duggan should not be given the exact same break he was handed in May 2016, when he was placed on 12 months probation under a conditional discharge for another assault.

Lawyer MacLeod argued leniency, again. He says although his client was in uniform “he was there as a parent".
Calgary cop Jeff Duggan was charged with assault after an on-duty fight at his ex-wife’s home. Police began investigating after Duggan’s ex-wife reported the officer “verbally threatened to assault” her current boyfriend and “attempted to force his way into the home.” Police have also charged Duggan with uttering threats and four counts of breach of probation.

Calgary Police Supt. James Hardy said he didn’t want to “jump to conclusions” “What’s gone on here is not untypical ..."

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Canuck the Crow PNE gig over

Canuck the Crow, who has become world famous, has been a regular sight at the Vancouver amusement park for several years. Earlier this year the PNE decided to hire him on full time – with an hourly wage of $12.27.

PNE food and beverage manager Loredana Udovicic zeroed in on Canuck's obvious skills ... “He loves cotton candy. I think it’s the bright colors, he just goes in there. He can be a candy attendant.”

The PNE gig adds another line to Canuck’s already highly impressive resume.

Canuck won’t be spending all the dough he earned at the nearby McDonald’s he’s been known to frequent. Instead, the $1,000 he’ll earn was donated to the Night Owl Bird Hospital in Kitsilano.
See ----->
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Utah cops Jeff Payne, James Tracy arrest nurse for doing job - Update II

Salt Lake City police Chief Mike Brown made the decision to fire Det. Jeff Payne after an internal investigation found he violated department policies when he arrested nurse Alex Wubbels. Brown said in a disciplinary letter that he was "deeply troubled" by Payne's conduct, which he described as "inappropriate, unreasonable, unwarranted, discourteous, disrespectful" and said brought "significant disrepute" on the department.

Payne's supervisor, Lt. James Tracy, was demoted to officer. Tracy made an impulsive decision in ordering Payne to arrest Wubbels without first taking time to understand the facts of the situation and the law, Brown wrote.
A Utah hospital said its nurses will no longer interact with police whatsoever. "I need to make sure this never, ever, ever happens to another one of our care providers again," said Margaret Pearce, chief nursing officer at the University of Utah Hospital. Instead of interacting with nurses, cops will be directed to health supervisors "who are highly trained on rules and laws"
A Utah police department is making changes after an officer dragged a screaming nurse out of a hospital in handcuffs when she refused to allow blood to be drawn from an unconscious patient. Nurse Alex Wubbels followed hospital policy and advice from her bosses when she told Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne that he could not get the blood sample without a warrant or consent from the patient
Detective Jeff Payne
Police reports indicate that Payne was told by his lieutenant, James Tracy, to get the blood sample. Tracy, the watch commander on duty that night, said to arrest Wubbels for interfering with a police investigation if she refused to let him get the sample, according to his report.

Salt Lake City’s mayor and police chief apologized. Police Chief Mike Brown said in a statement, “I was alarmed by what I saw in the video with our officer and Ms. Wubbels."
A Salt Lake police detective whose arrest of a University Hospital nurse sparked a worldwide outcry was fired Tuesday from his part-time position as a Gold Cross Ambulance paramedic. Gold Cross officials said Jeff Payne's termination was effective immediately. As the arrest incident was wrapping up, Payne's body camera video recorded him telling Salt Lake Police Lt. James Tracy, "I’ll bring 'em all the transients and take the good patients elsewhere," referring to who he transports to University Hospital.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Selfie queen busted with £350,000 of cocaine

Selfie queen Rhiannon Ferguson, 25, lived a double life, one as a fun-loving blonde who enjoyed the good life, and another as a high-level drugs courier transporting cocaine between Liverpool and East Lancashire.

She was busted with £350,000 of cocaine in her car.
Drugs officers received an anonymous tip-off and busted her two months later with three kilos of cocaine in her car. The selfie queen posted scores of glamorous pictures of herself on social media. Former party girl Rhiannon Ferguson was sentenced to seven years.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Surrey pastor and wife charged with 28 sex offences

Samuel and Madelaine Emerson
Samuel Emerson, 34, is a pastor at Cloverdale Christian Fellowship Church and has been charged with 13 counts of sexual assault, 11 counts of being in a position of authority and touching a person for a sexual purpose and one count of sexual touching of a person under the age of 16.

His wife, Madelaine Emerson, 37, has been charged with one count of sexual assault, one count of being in a position of authority and touching a person for a sexual purpose, and one count of threats to cause death or bodily harm.
The couple has five children. In a media release, investigators from Surrey RCMP said they “believe there is potential that other victims exist that have not come forward to police”

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502. Those who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or

Monday, October 2, 2017

Cop charged with dangerous driving after scooter pursuit

The RCMP says the charge is related to an on-duty incident in Duncan, B.C., involving a police pursuit of a handicapped person operating a motorized scooter. The person on the scooter was injured at the end of the presumably low speed pursuit.

RCMP Const. David Buchanan was presented with a citation and medal of valour in late 2016 for bravery and dedication. Buchanan’s first appearance on the charge of dangerous driving causing bodily harm was August 1st in Duncan.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cheese Smuggling Cop Scott Heron Quits

Notorious Cop cheese smuggler Scott Heron has turned in his Niagara Regional Police officer’s badge. On July 7, the same day court rejected an appeal of his breach of trust conviction, Heron resigned. Heron was facing an internal NRP misconduct hearing, which was shut down in light of his resignation.

Heron ran a smuggling operation that saw another constable bring cheese across the border from Buffalo to Fort Erie. The cheese was then sold to local restaurants for profit, at discount prices made possible by evading a 246 per cent markup in duty. About $133,000 of cheese and other food was smuggled into Canada, and $325,000 in duty evaded.
A former police officer in Niagara was sentenced to four months in prison in relation to a large-scale cheese smuggling operation.

Scott Heron, 42, of Niagara Regional Police was found guilty on six charges, including customs offenses, after attempting to smuggle large quantities of cheese from the United States to Canada undeclared in 2012.

Niagara Regional Police Cst Scott Heron

Niagara Regional Police Cst. Geoff Purdie
Police say Heron intended to distribute the cheese, valued at over $200,000, to local restaurants. He was also found guilty of evading $325,729 in duties and taxes.

The investigation began with another Niagara Regional Police official, Geoff Purdie, who was convicted of attempting to smuggle steroids across the Canadian border. He then went on to testify as part of his plea deal, exposing Heron's involvement in the cheese-smuggling ring.

Mario Sebastiano, owner of Super Mario's pizza in Port Colborne, says he was offered cheese from the U.S.
The price of milk is between $4 and $6 for four litres in Canada, while in the U.S. consumers pay about $2 a gallon. This explains the 200 per cent to 300 per cent tariffs on imported dairy products.

Canada's National Dairy Policy results in a wealth transfer of more than $2.4-billion annually from consumers and food processors to diary farmers. That's more than $175,000 for each dairy farmer in Canada.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Chanel Michaels goes on big spending spree

A former contestant on “Project Runway” Canada was busted for allegedly using a stolen credit card to go on a $3,400 spending spree — including paying vet bills for her pooch. Leggy brunette Chanel Michaels, 31 allegedly blew $249 at Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital on her Goldendoodle, $25 at Petco, $2,300 on video equipment from B&H Photo and about $440 at an Apple Store. Then it was on to Home Depot that same day and racked up about $200 in charges, spent another $163 at J&M Hardware and popped into 2Beans for a $33 afternoon snackypooh.

Michaels was arrested and arraigned that evening in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of identity theft, grand larceny and forgery. She was released without bail, but wasn’t free to leave immediately. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents showed up to question the Canadian citizen, who once posed as a flight attendant in a Super Bowl Budweiser ad.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Arsehole TO cop Eduardo Miranda figures his insulting chit aresome

Police sergeant Eduardo Miranda is charged with misconduct for allegedly using excessive force during a midday downtown arrest. The January 24th incident was captured on video, showing the cop Taser and stomp on a man mid-arrest. Miranda can be heard instructing officers to stop a citizen, Waseem Khan, from video-recording the arrest. “Get that guy out of my face” Miranda says, gesturing at Khan, who is recording the incident on his phone from approximately 6 metres (20 feet) away.

Other officers on scene then proceed to tell Khan he must move away, one of them urging him to let police “do what they need to.”
When Khan insists he has the right to record, two officers warn him that they are going to seize his phone as evidence, something they positively do not have the authority to do. Citizens have every right to record police performing their duties if they are not obstructing the officers.

“I’m not obstructing your arrest. I’m not involved in the investigation,” Khan can be heard saying in the video. Miranda faces one count of excessive force against the man under arrest and one count of discreditable conduct.